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Developed with SAP to provide a foundation for strategic HCM

Unlike standalone organization management products that offer "integration" with SAP, the capabilities that make up SOVN are jointly developed with SAP - forming a unique foundation on which to build strategic human capital management activities:

Key Features & Benefits:
Optimize HCM data; the solution enables you to optimize data integrity, ensuring that your HCM data is accurate and reliable.
Prepare for Talent Management; the solution allows you to prepare for talent management by providing a real time picture of your organization’s structures, roles and people.
Advance Enterprise Collaboration; SOVN utilizes familiar web 2.0 functionalities, making it easy to use and facilitating enterprise-wide collaboration.

Org Planning for HR professionals

SOVN provides a clear picture of the organization and reporting structure so that HR professionals, executives and line-of-business managers can effectively manage their enterprise. Professionals are able to take a collaborative approach to prepare for organizational change by involving key stakeholders in modeling scenarios. They are also able to maintain the quality of HCM data, and manage SAP position information.

Key Features & Benefits:
Rich, graphical charts showing key workforce data provides valuable insight for HR professionals to make better decisions and ensure workforce compliancy.
Elegant org chart enables visual validation of employee information, organizational structures, roles, skills and responsibilities.
Intuitive drag and drop functionality simplifies modeling and enables users to compare different organizational contingency plans in preparation for economic and market shifts.
With a real-time connection to SAP HCM ERP data, HR professionals, executives and line-of-business managers are able to define, plan, update and manage key positional information.
Automated quality audits and interactive reporting enables users to assess data health, and provides guidance on corrective actions.

Org Chart and Collaboration for employees

With SOVN, employees benefit from transparency of organizational structures, roles, skills and responsibilities. Advanced search and social networking capabilities, including connections with external social media sites, create an environment where employees can easily communicate and collaborate. 

Key Features & Benefits:
Flash-based interface and social networking features enable smooth navigation for employees to share and collaborate with their peers to achieve any common objective.
Rapid search capabilities and saved lists enable employees to reduce time wasted looking for regularly searched information.
Users are able to create and join common interest groups, and share personal skills information with social networking capabilities that enhance business and social collaboration.

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