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Visualize your workforce and plan for success

Nakisa Organization Management solutions offer a dynamic visual front-end application that integrates tightly with the Microsoft environment, giving you in-depth, real-time visibility into your organizational structure and employee roles.

You are able to visualize and analyze your workforce data to better understand your company and make more informed decisions. And transparency into your organizational structure, employee roles, and reporting relationships allows your employees to quickly locate colleagues throughout the enterprise, improving communication channels, fostering greater collaboration and increasing productivity across your enterprise.

Nakisa solutions provide real-time connectivity and integration with your LDAP Directory. The solutions leverage single sign-on (SSO) functionality, and the user's identity and role information in the data source.

Foster innovation with advanced communication and collaboration functionalities

You can foster innovation across your enterprise with the communication and collaboration capabilities in the Nakisa solution. Even with a dispersed, mobile and globalized workforce, employees are able to utilize a flash-based organizational structure, and advanced search functionalities to quickly and easily locate the right colleagues to achieve their tasks.

Key Features & Benefits:
Utilize advanced search capabilities to find colleagues quickly, and save searches that are used on a regular basis to become more efficient.
Navigate flash-based organizational structure for detailed views of the organization's structures, roles and people.
Share information and encourage collaboration with advanced printing and exporting capabilities that enable users to export in various formats including chartbook and pdf.
Foster innovation with social media functionalities, enabling efficient communication and collaboration throughout the enterprise.

Proactively prepare for organizational change

The Nakisa solution enables you to model what-if scenarios including: growth (hiring, geographical expansion, revenue, etc.), restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, and downsizing based on real-time data to immediately visualize the impact of change on your organization. With a user friendly organization modeling tool, you are able to effectively respond to business changes by visualizing and planning organizational transformations. And, you can share information to enable collaboration with your colleagues across the enterprise.

Key Features & Benefits:
Use drag and drop functionality to model 'what-if' scenarios based on real-time data to immediately visualize the impact of change on your organization.
Share information with stakeholders to enable collaboration with your colleagues and ensure sound decision making.
Identify critical talent and assemble virtual teams to position your company for success.

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