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Talent Management

Develop a sustainable workforce with an end-to-end talent management process

In a competitive environment where the war for talent, an aging workforce and globalization is top of mind, building and managing your talent pipeline has become more important than ever before. It is crucial for you to deploy your talent where they will have the most strategic impact.

Nakisa Talent Management capabilities give you valuable insight into your talent pool and provide your company with the visibility needed to establish a sustainable talent pipeline. Nakisa's solution enables you to effectively align succession strategies with organizational objectives, to support a global, end-to-end talent management process.
Key Features & Benefits:
Implement succession planning and develop adequate bench strength to prepare for key role vacancies, avoid knowledge gaps and mitigate operational risk.
Engage employees by empowering them to manage their own career development within your organization.
Align talent with defined competency needs to meet business objectives and optimize productivity.
Monitor global KPIs to avoid gaps in skill supply and meet future talent needs, and ensure you are meeting your objectives.
Collaborate with key stakeholders to build and evaluate change models, enabling successful organization transformation during restructures, mergers and acquisitions or right-sizing.

Nakisa offers specialized Talent Management solutions that integrate with major ERP systems, such as; SAP, Oracle PeopleSoft and Microsoft.

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