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Managers must closely monitor headcount, budgets, salaries and employee value to the organization. To do this, they require a robust solution that provides in-depth visibility into their team and objectives. Effectively manage your employees on a daily basis with Nakisa. 

Maximize Your Team's Value to the Organization

Nakisa's solutions are designed to give line managers instant access to relevant talent data so you have the information required to successfully manage your team day to day. Our highly intuitive visual interface provides easy access to in-depth talent data so you can align your team with organizational goals.

Nakisa's solutions empower you to manage your team more effectively:

Track your team's top talent and put plans in place to develop and reward your high potentials
Easily find the best people for the job in your team and ensure your key positions have appropriate bench strength
Identify skills gaps that could impact delivery on your teams goals and fill upcoming position vacancies
Execute performance evaluations with key information at hand including performance, potential, skills, job knowledge, training and more
Define and communicate career paths with your employees to improve retention of vital employees
Nakisa offers you the ability to create project teams and model different scenarios to determine the impact of team changes such as restructuring, reorganizations, headcount reductions and more. Gain insight into your employees and roles and place your talent where they offer the most strategic value.

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