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Many IT Professionals are constantly challenged with managing multiple sources of workforce data and lack corporate-wide standardization. Maintaining disparate solutions requires much time and effort and in the end is more costly. How can you streamline your IT infrastructure and lower operational risk?

Effective Solutions that Fit Your Needs

Nakisa's solutions are a visual front-end layer to your organization's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system so you don't have to worry about maintaining multiple point solutions and data integrity issues. Our 100% Web-based, real-time solutions automate a wide range of workforce-related processes and are accessible simply through a Web browser. Remove complexity with our intuitive, user-friendly interface for deeper insight into talent and organizational data.

With Nakisa's solutions you benefit from:
A single source of organizational information that is fully interoperable with your current IT infrastructure -- eliminate double data entry with one system of record for all workforce-related information. 
Leveraging your ERPs role-based security, authentication, authorization as well as single sign-on -- do away with managing multiple security infrastructures.
Secure your data -- With Nakisa, your data is securely protected behind your firewall and not hosted in a server farm environment that increases the risk of exposing confidential information.
Highly flexible solutions that are completely configurable to your business processes -- let your processes dictate the software and not the other way around.
Visualize a complete record of changes for auditing purposes, compliance reporting, security management and data integrity.
Our robust solutions scale with your company and are easy to manage, requiring little maintenance or training. Nakisa's solutions offer you low total cost of ownership since they fully leverage and build upon your current IT infrastructure, unlike other solutions where you pay a monthly fee and never truly own the software.

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