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Do you have difficulty understanding your organizational structure and how you fit in? Are you challenged with finding the right colleagues or resources to do your job? Learn how Nakisa can help improve the way you work.

Gain Insight into Your Organization

Benefit from a centralized source of workforce data so you always have up-to-date information handy. Nakisa's solutions give you an in-depth view of your entire organizational hierarchy so you can better understand your enterprise and make more informed decisions. 

With Nakisa's solutions you can:
Navigate through your organizational hierarchy and easily access detailed employee information and photos
Keep your talent profile up to date and include key information such as training, qualifications, career goals and aspirations and develop your career path with your manager
Automate the creation of org charts, directories and floor plans and eliminate manual processes
Easily search for and locate colleagues and reduce the amount of time you spend searching for organizational information
Visualize incomplete or incorrect data to verify the accuracy of your human capital data and corporate structure

Get a clear visual understanding of your organization's roles, reporting relationships, departments, project teams and more.  Better visibility into your organization enhances communication and collaboration, empowering you to focus on the tasks that contribute real business value.

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