Organizational Transformation Through Target Driven Scenario Modeling

Organizational design has changed over the years. Organizations used to depend heavily manual effort...

HANELLY™ Overview

Discover HANELLY™, Nakisa®’s Organizational Transformation solutions suite.

HANELLY™ Organizational Visualization Overview

Visual, interactive org chart software that incorporates HR metrics and analytics.

HANELLY™ Organizational Design Overview

Conduct organizational design enabled by analytics and real-time HR metrics

HANELLY™ Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Overview

Accelerate pre and post acquisition integration in order to meet your return on investment and synergy targets faster with HANELLY™

HANELLY™ Integration Data Sheet

Learn about how HANELLY™ integrates seamlessly with your HCM core solution.

How Technology is Disrupting Organizational Transformation and M&A Process

New software technology has been changing how companies do business and is now beginning to change the way companies design their business.

Changes in lease accounting standards

Find out about the steps required to prepare for the upcoming lease accounting changes and the time/cost benefits that can be gained by preparing today.

New revenue recognition standards

Find out about the recommended steps to prepare for the new standards and how technology can help you to get ahead of the curve.

TOP 4 strategies for employee engagement

Discover the talent management strategies that really count for employee engagement.

The secret ingredient to success

Learn how Nakisa Goals and Performance enables you to align your talent with your strategic objectives and engage them in the business.

The basics of employee engagement

In this webinar get some tips on how to easily kick-start employee engagement in your organization.

Revenue Recognition powered by Nakisa

Discover how you can gain insight into contractual data and comply with the new standards for revenue recognition.

Comply with lease accounting standards

Visualize, track, optimize and account for your lease exposure with SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa

SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa

Understand your lease portfolio and comply with new lease accounting standards

Unlock the full potential of HCM

See how organizational management holds the key to business success.

Succession planning guide

How to plan for the future, retain top talent and gain a competitive edge by building a solid succession plan.

Lease accounting and revenue recognition

Learn what the new accounting standards mean for your business.

Data quality management secrets

Learn how data quality issues can impact Human Capital Management.

Recognizing revenue with SAP® Lease Administration by Nakisa

Find out how the solution provides a 360-degree view of your performance obligations and enables you to comply with the new revenue recognition standards

The Case of the Mixed-Up Merger

Nakisa Org Modeling - See how David Planner, Director of Mergers & Acquisitions, saves the day by effectively merging Sweet Chocolate Company and Penutty Butter Inc.

The Case of the Runaway Talent

Nakisa Succession Planning - See how Sally Planwell, Director of HR, saves the day with effective talent management, succession planning and employee retention.