Hanelly Business Services

Smart Organization Transformation Driven by Hanelly

Nakisa helps you combine best in class processes, advanced modelling and analytics for a winning end-to-end transformation.

Our role is to be your long-term partner in facilitating and supporting your Organization Transformation. Our suite of services are specifically designed to ensure your transformation:

  • Aligns to your business strategy
  • Provides a clear current state picture of the health of your organization
  • Engages you to model go-forward scenarios
  • Enables leaders to reach commitments with accuracy and speed

Types of business services

Organizational Transformation
Organizational Transformation

Whether a minor re-organization or a major restructuring, with Nakisa Business services you will be leveraging experience and the Hanelly solution to accelerate and optimize your process.

  • Assess current state of your organization
  • Know your talent vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate your organization modelling options
  • Let analytics drive insights
M&A Organization Support
M&A Organization Support

Support the organizational aspects of your merger, acquisition, or divestiture to dramatically improve your time to results with reduced costs.

  • Accurately assess the pre-merger talent realities
  • Integrate quickly - meeting acquisition expectations and objectives
  • Align through the use of modelling outcomes
  • Total visibility on progress toward meeting synergy targets
  • Reduce time and expense through elimination of manual efforts
Managing in a Changing Environment
Managing in a Changing Environment

Organization transformation is about change and with it comes the responsibilities to manage the change.

  • Understand change management
  • Leadership and accountability in change
  • State of readiness of the leadership and the organization through change